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De Correspondent

Journalist & Employee portaits

On-going collaboration with de Correspondent – online independant journalism platform from Netherlands – and the Correspondent  – their international edition – since their creation in 2013. Every employee and hired journalist gets a portrait, used on De/The Correspondent’s website, social media channels, newsletters, business cards, books,… Over the years I created more than 150 portraits.

Open Knowledge Foundation

Employee Portraits

Visit Open Knowledge Foundation website

Early Childhood Matters

Portraits for the foundation annual publication

Visit Early Childhood Matters Foundation website

Lyra Growth

Portraits for the company’s website

Commission & Art direction: Dossier Creative, Vancouver – On the team presentation page, the little portraits show their team member doing their favorite activities. I also created illustrations & icons for the rest of their website: visit Lyra Growth website

Chekhov is alive

Google mini-site

Commission & Art direction: Resn Amsterdam – The users could take a personality test on the website to find out which one of the favorite Chekhov characters they were. I drew the portrait of each  of the 30 characters available, based on their description written in Chekhov’s books. The portraits were animated by code, to move their heads, their hands and props. I also drew the head of Chekhov used as a logo for the project.





Portraits for the company’s website

Commission & Art direction: Quick Brown Foxes – Visit Galapagos website


Portraits for newspapers ads

Découvrir Berlin

Portraits for the company’s website

Small Improvements

Portraits for the employees

The portraits are used on the company website to present the team but not only. They use them also on their business cards, internal communication, Slack, and as avatars on the HR app developed by the company. I also created many illustrations for their website, online app and even birthday cards. Visit Small Improvements website.