Event Drive

Web app for event planners

Creation of a graceful hand-drawn style to highlight the human friendly aspect of their services

Lyra Growth

Company website

Commission & Art direction: Dossier Creative, Vancouver – See also the portraits I’ve made for them or visit Lyra Growth website

Samsung SmartThings

Illustrations on & offline / Packagings

Commission & art direction by YourMajesty for Samsung SmartThings – Illustrations for the brand website, the packaging of the products, promotional videos (see these on my video page), shop display and others. Visit SmartThings website to see

Small Improvements

Website & App

Cheeky and colorful style part of their visual identity, they use the illustrations on their platform, ebook, blog, also offline for events, brochures and internally. Every employee has his/her own avatar used also on his/her business card, they receive birthday and work anniversary cards. The illustrations are also used in their office. See the websit of Small Improvements >

Renault Connect

Style research

Commission & art direction Uzik for the connected services of Renault, to be used in their app, and for offline and online communications

Gerip pro

Educational app for adult

Creation of a hand-drawn vector style, used on icons in their app and website and combined with photos for large visuals. See website >

Transition Réussite

Educational app for children

New Netherlands

Campaign website for de Correspondent

Over one year the journalist Jelle Brandt Cortius explored the Netherlands to discover and showcase the innovative initiatives. Each article was related to one of the 12 themes. Each theme had one illustration. Made at Momkai, Amsterdam, for De Correspondent – Art direction: Harald Dunnink

Travel bank

Website & app

Creation of a style using the 3 colors of the visual identity, used for large illustrations scenes with their users, for icons in their app, pattern and decorative elements on their website.


Style research

Simple but delicate style for show scenes of dealing with paperworks after the loss of someone, to illustrate the services offered by the company. Made at Momkai – Art direction: Martijn van Dam

Bugaboo Passport

Mobile app illustrations

Made for Momkai – Art direction: Harald Dunnink and Martijn van Dam